Born on March 1st, 1984 my zodiac is Pisces. Like the sign, it has always been in my nature to stay true to my heart, resembling the fish swimming against the flow. I dare to ask questions I’m not afraid to think different. I have learned to trust in myself. This took me a looong time to master but on the bright side, it went super fast once I left christianity. šŸ™‚

niels 2016kl

Deconstruction false idols on who God is I experienced my exodus out of religion into finding God’s love in all and for all.

I will share my love for humanity and all of creation and the things I have learned and discovered.

Because I rebel against the machine called religion that keeps people stuck in one place, all in the name of the Good Sheppard, I am different, a rogue.

Imagination is everything to me and so I like to create stories and characters for (animated) film and books. I also like photography and graphic design.


X-men Rogue

Likewise the X-men character Rogue has been my all time favorite hero and through her I learned that however dark a person may seem, it is still a human person waiting to be discovered by others to share his or her unique talents and sparkling personalities. You are bigger than your enemies, fight for love.



The Rogue Fish

The rogue fish is also a real fish!Ā The Rogue Fish (Invisufurcifus innatopiceus, meaning Swim-in-darkness Unseen-rogue) is a fish native to skullĀ island’s waterways, despite its light colour it can camouflage against most predators.


Lastly,Ā although I raid against christian theologies, ideologies and teachings, and thus identify as ex-christian,Ā I do have a personal relationship with who I identify as Jesus.
But it seems to me now that the religion has evolved into giving purpose to everyday life.

So I love all kinds of new things I never experienced, so nice to meet you!

I love all people and hope to help them and inspire them to move on, to never give up and see God where IĀ least expect it.

This is me! Nice to meet you. šŸ˜€





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