Evangelizing 2.0


What you look for, is within.

Before anyone can preach the true Gospel, they need to receive it for themselves first. And to receive it, they need to find it. And to find it, they need to turn inward. Suddenly, life paralels the bible.

Where we first thought we’d receive salvation from above (outside), we find that it is found within’ us (inside). “The Kingdom of God is within.” In the same manner, the Old Testament mindset states that God is outside, where the New Testament states it is within.

Following the premises that God is within, we discover the power of the eternal, the spiritual and Love. And then we find that that power goes to such an extend, that we are co-creators with God, our thought creates our reality.

Then we master what people known as law of attraction (reaping and sowing), and because people outside of Christianity are living the same paths, we realize what the Gospel really is.

We can create the life we were meant to have, the reason we came to this planet in the first place. Have a life that is good to us all the time. Filled with rejuvenation, agelessness, divine health, ultimate peace, gratefullness and kindness. It is within reach. It is within.

If you live the same principles as non-christians but you are willing to admit God shows up in their lives all the time, you wonder Good News they could posibly need.

Well here it is.

We can have a life like the rich and the famous. And we might even end up in the midst of those that are not christian but live out the godly life as we would deem neccessary.

However, they already have God because of the Oneness with Him. So the Gospel is not bringing God to them. It’s far better.

A true christian lives life just as anyone in the world who has learned and is practising the new testament and universal laws in their life.

But what they miss, is what we have discovered through religion, christianity in perticular. Through it we were introduced to Jesus Christ. And Jesus came to show us the Father. They miss the right image of God.

The see God as power, as distant creator or intelligence. They call Him spirit, conciousness, higher self, universe, but not as Father.

We bring not God, but we bring clarification, we bring the relation to the table.

Simply by proclaiming, ye are reconciled.

Then, they realize that they are connected to God, just like they already discovered and label differently, but now they learn that the God they are connected to, is personally loving them like a Father. Then you can share your experiences with the Father who is in all and works through all.


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