Saint formerly known as christian?

Ok, confession time! I struggle. 

Do you know that feeling when you are confronted with the ugliness of christianity?

When someone shoves another article under your nose about priests and pastors being pedofiles?

Or how christians are no better than terrorists with their inquisitions on heresy?

Maybe you know how torn you feel when your own values seem to outweigh in love what the religion holds as morally accepted?

Through all years I’ve have taken in christianity just as it arrived into my life, I grew tired of it all. Any sane person would walk away from it, for good.

But at the same time, there is this thing deep within that rotten religious facade, which is, once discovered, never going to let you go. No matter how far you remove yourself from the church you went to for years on row or how much you replace your worship music with non-christian tunes, it has revealed itself to you and now you’re hooked.

You can distance yourself from christianity, sure, everbody should, but you can’t get away from your first love, the Father and Son, God Himself, Jesus.

I have experienced God firsthand, in my own personal way (I share some of those stories here) and even if all bibles would be destroyed, I would never ever let go of Him.

Our relationship has been an oneway street for the longest time in my own cute blindness, but eversince I reached the next level, man, I love it!

I sometimes still want to believe that I can’t hear or see him in my life, but that fear of His true nature is melting like snow in the sun, over the last years.

So here’s the deal. Everytime I am confronted with christianity, I rebel, try to reform or destroy it. Yet, there is noting in me, that desires to be anything other than obedient to God. I absolutely adore Him, love and bless Him.

I know we shouldn’t believe every bad word about christianity, but I can’t defend it either because honestly there is no difference between it and other religions. It is manipulative, dominant and lying to the masses to stay in control of them. It refuses to give the people what they deserve because once the people know the truth, it will set them free.

A few months ago I noticed again how the believers of the first century where not likely to be addressed as christians, rather as saints. (Allegedly, ‘christians’ was primarily used by non believers to talk about the saints in a negative manner, as we today would use a word like ‘sodemites’.) And so I decided to dump that christian title and take on that of saint.

Ahhh, much better I must say.

But then, God took it further… Of course. Just when you thought you were there.
The title saint or even christian, for that matter; it’s an occupation, a job title.
It’s not who we are. Christian means follower of Christ and Saint means holy one, like God is. Do you find identity in either one of those titles?

Sure not in ‘christian’. We follow Jesus where He leads, but we are not mindless robots programmed to follow his every move.

And yes, we are holy like God is, because God reconciled creation to Him and made everything new, in union with Him. Therefore, as He is, so are we; holy; ‘saints’.

To drive this one home for you, God let me reconsider stuff and then took me on a journey, which ended like this; “ROGUE, I AM YOUR FATHER”.

Through Christ we became His children. He is our Father, we belong to Him. We are treasured and loved like any good parent would his or her kids.

And this is where christianity differs from any other religion, especially Islam, we, humanity, are adopted sons and daughters of God through the finished work of Christ, we are not slaves to some divine dictator, no we have our home in the eternal fields of the heavens above and right here on earth. With the angels at our service,  we are One family in the Father’s House.

We are way much more than this current state of mind (christian or saint), but let’s not tell the people that, we don’t want the visitor number to drop even more. wink wink.

I am Rogue Fish, Son of God, and I love you my eternal sibling. 😉

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