This one is for the men!

Hey guys!

To encourage you to be whoever you are, and to say thanks for expressing yourself and your manhood freely, I began Manlike. A site for men (and women ofcourse) where you learn about what builds up your self esteem most; taking care of yourself!

It is old news, but men take care of themselves these days. The ones that uses care products for hair and skin and know how to behave, dress and eat well, are the ones that succeed in life and in love!

Sure, there is still some sense of shame around men using all kinds of ‘beauty’ or should I say, ‘handsome’ products, but more often than not, men are wise to put themselves first, despite what their peers may think about them!

I applaude those men because they seem to have a good dose of intelligence and enrich this world with their uniqueness!

So, for all the men of the hour, this is for you:


Still building up this brand, I could use all your support! I want Manlike to bring value to your manhood by blogs, posts and articles, and later on, bring you the best products too.

Take care, man.

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