How to defeat ISIS now! without guns!

If there is one thing we should at least give honest  consideration in our fight against terror and threats to the free world, it’s love.

If your enemies are hungry, give them food to eat. If they are thirsty, give them water to drink. You will heap burning coals of shame on their heads…

And more important, the non-violent variant of love. Some might say it is love to defend an innocent person from being killed, and I agree on that.

However, to make love all-conquering it needs to demonstrate a better way, a higher path and most important, it can not use the same methods that the enemy uses.

Love is giving.

It doesn’t matter what you believe or how you think of Jesus because our only focus should be love.

However when it comes to love most effective, Jesus did show some important keys. His way of showing love was not to retaliate, to  revenge, or to attack.

He did not even hate but forgave and wished the best for those that truly despised him.

Some say, he demonstrated love so fierce, by not using any divine power to stop from being killed, but rather lay down his life to grant the wish of the people. He gave all.

To get the best of love, we need to see that its effectiveness comes from its giving characteristics.

It is so attractive and so heart melting because it gives without asking anything in return, it abundantly lavishes any who comes across with it. It is no respecter of persons, it loves all equally.

Really, love is a strong effective thing in our universe!

Now how to give a giving love to extremists and terrorists, who frankly are not in for reasoning. They won’t stop their attack on you, just because you offer kindness.

These hate blinded, brainwashed people are in desperate need of unconditional love, really they are victims too. But a personal contact is most likely not an oppurtinty we will encounter without oppression.

So what is the answer? Can we love without waging war? Can we fight a people with guns and bombs without the same? I think we can.

3 easy ways!

Here are 3 easy things that will work! If anyone and everyone does it with a little determination, humanity could have a major impact on all the turmoil on earth!

First, think happy thoughts. You know many people are praying so if you pray, pray good stuff, like “Father, I’m so grateful and happy that the world is at peace.”

Or  “Lord, send Your love to all.” If your not faith related, your thoughts have the same effect as prayer. You need to lighten up, dude! 😉

Second, you are entitled to your pain, suffering, confusion and discomfort, but never let it turn into hate! The moment you do your heart closes and you become a very unpleasant person in no time.

Play time!

Third, get out your music and spread like crazy into the islamic state, the middle east and throughout the world! You remember Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston, many people grew up with their messages.

And because we have heard those songs so many times, they resonate in our hearts!
It is impossible to feel angry when you hear “I will always love you”, especcially when you hear it over and over again!

It is really hard to prioritise your own people above others when you hear, “Will you be there?”, “You are not alone” or “Heal the World”.

It brings tons of confusion when you hear those hopefull songs!
Plus, we all can recall the frustration of annoying songs being stuck in our heads, right??

Think of Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Elton John and all those other artists that made music history around 20 years ago.

  • Just collect all the great artists and their music that are a messages of hope, love and understanding and share them on twitter, youtube, blogs.
  • Link to terror sites, or hashtag isis! Send CD’s to Syria, the islamic state and the middle east!
  • Create arabic subtitles and upload all those awesome songs the free world has brought forth over the last 30 years!

If we all do that, it will be like putting up gigantic boomblasters around the borders of any hostile state, and wash over their heart, wave after wave!

Maybe, just maybe this is not your weapon of choice, we do agree that violence is not the answer, right? Love is. We know that. Right?

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