Make Money with Bitcoin!

Get ready to find your way into the Bitcoin Universe!


 Let’s make this real easy for you.

What is Bitcoin?
Bitcoin is currently leading the market of digital currency. It is a new form of currency that claims to be independent and more secure for its users. There are other currencies out there and in the future one or the other will find solid ground in our everyday lives but if that will be Bitcoin only time can tell.

Is it wise to invest in digital/crypto-currency?
Yes! Like many technical developments digital currency is here to stay. So get in now!

Is it too late to start with Bitcoin?
No. Although it is true that it probably would have been better to start some years ago, it is not too late at all. Bitcoins fluctuate in value and when you are there at the right time you might see an opportunity.

How to get Bitcoin?
Really there are only two ways. You trade or you work. We are back at the days of the gold rush people. If you are rich you buy the gold, if you are poor, you get into the mines and dig. Either way, you need to set up your free Bitcoin Wallet at a site like Blockchain Wallet.

Trading Bitcoin
A great tradingplace is Anycoin Direct to buy and sell crypto-currency.

Bitcoins kopen - Anycoin Direct

Mining Bitcoin
The other way is to mine (work) your bitcoins. The first way I will not get into at all but I will mention it. Hardwire Mining. You set up a hard drive and log on to a mine or so-called pool and start digging your way in. What you find, you keep. But remember it will take its toll on any computer and electricity bill. That’s why I prefer the second method; Cloud Mining. There are a lot of scam sites out there so  be cautious and remember there is always a risk but here’s my recommendation:

Hash Flare (cloudmining review site)

Once you have established some coins, invest!

You can also earn bitcoin by clicking on ads and answering polls and surveys.


Or you can collect Sathoshi’s, which in the right amount convert to whole Bitcoins. Sathoshi’s are found in so-called Bitcoin Faucets.
Try these faucets for example!

Free Bitcoin Game
Take Free Bitcoin
Bonus Bitcoin

OR! You can try your luck at these Bitcoin play sites!
Pocket Dice
Pick Bit

I think you can find your way now! Good luck and enjoy and don’t forget to share this post!
CAUTION: Please be aware that Bitcoin is scam sensitive! Always reseach before spending!

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