Are men the victim of feminism?

For ages women have been second rank people in this world and if you’d ask me, if women were not required in reproduction, they would have been killed off by the ‘superior’ sex a long time ago. But thank God there are (still) women too! 😉


This basic priviledge of giving birth was rapidly expanded with every priviledge any human being has. Women became equal to men.

Nowadays, women get the respect and support they deserve, although we aren’t quite there yet, since women are still being mistreated worldwide. But could there be a downside to the positive woman’s emancipation development?

In our time, we are not surprised when we meet a woman who is a single parent. We even have accepted that two women can become pregnant and raise a child together.

And in the same matter, we seem to be fine when a straight or gay woman decides to become a single parent, giving birth and raising a child completely by her own, out of her own choice.

But unfortunately all common practises that were unheard off 80 years ago, have in some cases gone too far.

It is custom in most courthouses to defend a woman’s right over that of a man’s right. When it comes to a divorce, for example, the court generally assigns the task of raising the children to the mother, by default.

On top of that there are cases (from The Netherlands), in which the mother can deny any relation between the father and his children, when she FEELS like she cannot handle seeing her ex-husband around her or her children!

This leaves fathers helpless against the system that stands up for women’s rights. They simply cease to see their beloved children, because the woman says so.

We have been so accustomed to over protect and defend woman’s right that the Dutch court is (un)willingly rejecting European Union Regulation (higher than national regulations) that tells courts to not treat men unequal in this cases.

Another example is that men are simply not considered for single parenting. Gay men are scarcely accepted but the adoption process is against them in every way.

It is true that in general when we look at traditional father mother dynamics, and in the fixed models we have for father and mother, males are considered less able than females to raise a child on their own. Sure, most men are not the best caretakers, but that is before they become fathers.

So with that said, we live in a world where single men live with deep deep desires to become fathers.

Maybe they are undesirable for women or maybe they don’t have the same attraction to women other men have. Whatever the case, they are never considered for single parenting.

That leaves me, a 32-year-old single man, frustrated and fearful. Frustrated because the only way to become a father by blood, is to meet a woman.

But I haven’t met a woman who moved me in ways no one can. And I feel frustrated that I need to find her, soon, if I want to become a father at all.

Why? Because I don’t meet her before 40, and 1 of us or both of us turn out to be infertile, we are not considered for adoption…

I feel fearful because I am not allowed to become a father on my own, like all my sisters can, if they would want to…

I am fully dependant on a partner and by preference one of opposite gender. And that scares me because I fought so long for independence.

In conclusion, this world is not quite there yet. We stick up for one group and override the other, we neglect basic good human desire over phobic sexuality discussions and debates…

And yet we all know, IT WILL GET BETTER! 😉

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