5 Ways 2 Stay On Top!

If you didn’t know before, you know it now: This life is YOURS! No matter what you believe or think, the life you are living, is YOUR life alone. When we are in control we can experience greater levels of joy, satisfaction and interact with others better!


So, here are 5 ways to stay in that position of being ‘the head and not the tail’.

1. Know your friend, know your enemy better.

To have control over your life, you need to take out uncertainties. Knowing your friends enables you to draw from them what helps you ahead. But the most important person to know like your pocket, is the one that fights you, the one that rises against you. Get to know the worst enemy of you; YOU!


2. Decide to stay unattached to the past.

You have the power! The total sum of all your thoughts and beliefs have created your life as it is today. Now how sucky that may seem, you have the power to let go and start thinking the right things but you have to let go of the past. Lessons learned, move on.


3. Wipe the slate clean constantly.

No one stays on top of their game the entire time. Some of us even seem to slip off easily, all the time. But never let the moment get to you. Don’t let what happened an hour ago, or even 5 minutes, determine anything about you. Let it all just fall to the floor like it doesn’t matter, ’cause it doesn’t.


4. Have a memory span of a gold-fish.

A gold-fish has a memory span of 3 seconds. “Hi I’m a gold-fish” “Hi I’m a gold-fish”. Especially when you come into a state of negative thinking; You can Stop! at all times. If you stop every 3 seconds and start afresh, you can climb your way up again. course you can’t erase all memories from 3 seconds ago but you can stay in the now and reset as many times as you like.


5. Cut yourself slack.

You make mistakes. You’ve made them and you are going to. So what? Rejoice in your humanity and the potential it gives you. If you can destroy, you can create. Don’t be so hard on yourself. If you would have someone close that talks you down the way you do yourself, you would toss them out of your life. Do the same to self judgement, self hate and self loathing. Perfection is a state not an achievement. You are perfect in all your imperfections. Say it with me; I’mperfection.


You think this was helpful? Share and like my friends! Peace.

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