He’s not here…

These days every believer who is active on social media seems to have this legit teachers mentality. If you have christians as friends they will correct you.


It is impossible to share your own heart’s revelations on scripture or God, without almost everybody feeling the urge to bash every word you say.

Backed up with tons of Bible verses and theologies, (that are their own interpretation of what they have learned) to make sure your words get smothered under a pile of religious arguing.

What surprises me most is that everyone shares their opinion on the matter as absolute truth. They obviously don’t realize that anyone seeing a news feed filled with such reactions is not going to think any of them are ‘right’ for that matter.

Where is Jesus?

Do you remember the resurrection story and the part where the ladies go seek out Jesus but the angel says; Here’s not here..

I really feel like people are so consumed with preaching truth so that it may reach the unreached but who is going out into the world and be the Light?

Jesus is not found in religious fanaticism or theologic debate. He is out there, in the people.

One of the heated discussions is always about the Jews and the position of the Church towards them. Questions like; are they prophecies saying God is still saying the Jews are His people or do we need to somehow lift them up above the others.

I can’t resist to go after the most fanatic person and demonstrate how I would react in complete love. Here’s my reaction in a heated discussion:

HERETIC ALERT!!! “You know.. If I would get to know a Jewish person I would see him as my brother. Not because he is Jewish but because we have the same Father. I would honour and appreciate his religion but not raise it above any other. That verse where Jesus speaks about that there’s no Jew nor Gentile in Him points to the idea that God, in the NT, is making the spiritual prior over the earthly. If you look spiritually at any person you’ll see Jesus in their eyes, notice when God is blessing you through them and feel gratitude for all your brothers and sisters. That is how I also treat muslims, Satanists, atheists, etc. but those labels murk the simple fact that in the Spirit there is only 1. WE+GOD=US. Not us and them or you and me or God and her.

I no longer see a difference between any religion. It’s because God is not in them. Luke 17 “The Kingdom is within.” However you can find hints and pointers in all of them, that’s why people need to have it. It is our inborn way of discovering who God is to us as humans. And I do admit that Christianity and Judaism, how twisted they come at us at times, can lead us to a more in-depth understanding of God. But only if they have the God=Love part covered right and feel no urge to make one more important than any other.

It’s not about sharing truth, it’s about sharing love.

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