How God blew up my box with a Pegasus.

I used to believe everything non-christian was evil or un-Godly. But God took me for a ride!

The Pegasus, a mythological creature from Greek tradition.

Years ago I was torn between the image of God in the Old Testament vs. the image of God in the New Testament. Where God in the OT seemed to be out to get humanity for their sins, in the NT God is Love, only.

It led to this crazy idea that God’s wrath needed to be kindled and Jesus was the hero to save us all from the wrath of God. I didn’t bother to question this idea at all until someone threw me a curve.

Why believe in that?

Why do you believe in a God that needs God to save you from God? What kind of god would need His most priced possession, His only Son, to take a proper beating, only so that the rest of us would not?

To be honest, I felt like not believing right there and then, but I was challenged even more.

I could never reconcile the christian theology of God vs the world and the stories of God and Abraham or even the Magi visiting Christ.

I mean, Abraham was called righteous because of his faith. There was no law-keeping or even sin. And even at the birth of Christ, these Magi, which I, according to tradition should shun because of their different (read demonic) beliefs, came to celebrate the King.

These Magi were not Jewish, nor Christian and in christian tradition they would need to be categorized as heathens/sinners, ready for hell?!

Second, these Magi used forms of gaining knowledge through means forbidden by the God of the OT, why was there no divine retribution here?

Not knowing what to think of these Magi God did not rain down fire and brimstone on for their sin of astronomy, I was introduced to studies that claimed christian events to be taken from older religions and therefore being manmade, not divine, not worthy.

Christian tradition from older traditions.

One of the claims was that the resurrection story was already been told many times before. And some of these claims were made after the events of Jesus and the resurrection, making them untrue, while others seem to be valid.

The greatest example is the phoenix bird, mainly from Greek tradition. No one can say that the resemblance between Phoenix and Jesus is not uncanny. However, could there be another explanation? Think Magi for a moment.

The Magi read the stars, and knew the same star signs as all the other cultures. And as many of you know already, even the Zodiac proclaims the Gospel.

But while the Gospel was not being proclaimed by Jesus yet, humanity has always searched for God through creation, seeing elements of the Gospel all around and needed to give own interpretations, simply because the Gospel was not here yet.

If you look at it this way, you can see how the Greeks saw God’s resurrection qualities and read them into this fire bird instead of a man from Nazareth. But even more you see how God communicates His Truth through any means, at any time.

This whole idea of God wanting to show Himself to creation above showing His power over creation, made God more like Jesus to me.

I quickly realised that even the writers of the OT, were like any other human being on earth, diligently seeking God, and although I believe the OT was inspired by God more than any other ancient scripture, I do not believe that the OT is the only source God used or that God dictated the OT word for word.

If you look at the OT this way, all of a sudden you see how humanity is on a journey of getting to know the true God of the universe, no more interpretations, the real stuff. However flawed as man is, they saw God mainly as the Destroyer BUT the great part is that from the beginning of the OT up untill the revealing of Jesus and the NT, the God of the OT becomes less violent untill the image we have and the image He is, come together in Jesus.

The Pegasus.

One day I was day-dreaming on writing another fiction, when all of a sudden, I saw this magnificent white Pegasus in my mind. Still being a little sceptic on ancient cultures, not being Jewish or christian, I was pleasantly joyful at seeing this creature parade in front of me.

I started to lay out my story arcs and character developments but could not help but doubting if I should entertain these ideas, embrace them from God or reject them as unGodly. However, my new fantasy friend was re-opening my child-like imagination like nothing else and so I needed closure.

I started to research this creature. And this is what I found;

A Pegasus can tap his hove of the ground and a well-spring will appear, giving inspiration to all poets. Also he is referred as the poets’ horse, resembling the vast amount of creativity on which the artist rides, being the constant source of inspiration.

You can see how I, as a creative writer was kind of shocked to see how God seemed to be confirming my call in creating stories. He had sent me my very own muse, a Pegasus, for crying out loud.

Confirmation XXL.

Still being afraid of everything non-christian I needed some more confirmation that God, out-of-the-box as He is, was behind all this, and so I dug in a little deeper.

I began to study the Pegasus’ origin and believe you me, at first I thought I had taken a wrong turn. The Greek hero Perseus, was going after the goddess Medusa (with the snakes for hair) and cutt of her head. Medusa’s lover was the seagod Poseidon. The water from Poseidon mingling with Medusa’s blood gave birth to Pegasus.

Now wait a minute! Blood and water… Blood and water.. Where have I seen this?

1 John 5:6 NIV
“This is the one who came by water and blood–Jesus Christ. He did not come by water only, but by water and blood. And it is the Spirit who testifies, because the Spirit is the truth.

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    Future reading just scanned it, Akron, Ohio in your future i see and there for it will be.! signed Mark Anderson.


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