God & His Children vs. Orphans

Religion has a way to keep you on your knees. Every human being has been called to grow up into mature sonship of God.


Religion keeps you down and out of becoming that required child like innocent.

You are constantly aware, of your lack in good deeds and moral behaviour.
And you do not let a moment pass by, wherein you do not ask God for forgiveness.
For another slip of your tongue or unChristlike behaviour.

But can you have a different way to look at it?

If you would meet a young child, showing that kind of behaviour, towards you, you would be absolutely alarmed by it.

Children shouldn’t worry about their status in love from their parents, they shouldn’t over think every decision they are about to take a 100 times and most of all they shouldn’t have to apologize for who they are on a daily basis!

That’s just wrong, and yet all people of all ages deep entangled in religion seem to condone such behaviour because they think their Father in heaven is well-pleased by it.

Orphan thinking

The very reason people are stuck in this way of thinking is because they are still orphans in their hearts and that is why we always need to separate the machine from the cattle. The people God loves are trapped in this matrix of ideas and thought patterns that not only misrepresent the Father in a most horrendous way, it is damaging for those He holds so dear, the believer.

The only way to rise above into complete freedom and life more abundantly is to repent, to change your mind about God.

Think different!

And this time, be a child. Not a sinner, not a responsible adult, or even a humble servant. Be a child. And start your journey with God at that. Your sonship. Get out those scriptures if you need but take your own childhood and childlike potential and corporate it into your theology on God.

When a baby enters this world he is in need of just two things; oxygen/nutrition for the body and love for the soul.
Now how can you take this into your own life and more important into your view and standpoint towards God?

Step 1 Check your reactions

  • A son/daughter would react like this: Thanks for providing in all my needs (see many Bible verses on how God takes care of you) and that you love me (don’t just see the God is Love but see how He loves YOU).
  • An orphan would react like this: Will you provide? I need oxygen. Will you love me? I need love. Will there be enough? Wil it come to me? Can I lose it? Do I earn it.

Step 2 Compare feelings and stick with the good

Once you have tried out the child vs. orphan reaction and experience how the childlike experience gives you uncanny rest, we should move on!

As a child grows up it is established into the family.
How is this important and how can it change your position towards God in a positive way.

Repeat step 1 & 2

  • A son/daughter would know what is his/hers (think of Mufasa showing Simba the kingdom) and how to access and work its resources.
  • An orphan would feel as if nothing is his/hers, and has to work hard for scraps.

A child just goes with wat he/she likes, whether it’s sports or ballet. Talents and passion are free-flowing and in the right enviroment encouraged to their greatest extend.

And repeat 1&2

  • A son/daughter would discover what is his/her unique set of talents and passions and runs with it, no matter what.
  • An orphan does not discover his/her uniqueness and is in constant need of approval.

This kind of comes from CASE 3, nonetheless crucial.A child does not consult an adult about the way they should go when it comes to uniqueness. Rather they would count on guidance to achieve their goal.

  • A child sticks with what he/she calls his/her own. And it pursues its hearts desire, seeing how everything comes together to make it happen.
  • An orphan doubts itself. Nothing is good enough or even worth fighting for. They are in constant confusion about what they want or if they’re even allowed to think/feel/dream certain things.

Repeat steps.

Now two more points to take this home;

  1. Every child naturally assumes that what belongs to the family belongs to him/her. They plunder the fridge with great joy, and no parent bothers. But if you think of it, they did pay or work for the food or even the fridge or the house. A visitor would not think of taking stuff just like that, knowing what it took to make it available in the first place.
  2. Children do not ask for forgiveness all the time. They know they are human and they do their best at following their parents examples but in the end they are just here for the ride too…

Go for it!
Live your life, discover how much God loves you above all, then discover who you are and run with it. You were forgiven 2.000 years ago if that matters to you so there’s all the freedom you need. I don’t have to explain how is common decency to apologize to someone when you were wrong, but I think higher of you than someone who screws up 24/7.

There is this Asian wisdom saying;
“Where your talents and the needs of the world meet, lays your destiny.”

Last but not least, religion just bashes anything that portrays the ‘self’ as important of valuable, and labels anyone saying God wants you to be you as heretic or worse.

I want to challenge you to stay childlike in discovering who God is and do not forget, children don’t study books in languages they do not yet understand, they mostly learn through experience. Can you step outside your God box and find Him there too?

“An orphans says I lack, a child says I have. An orphan says I need, a child says I give.”


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