A 1940s Movie cries out to a 2016 world…

Charlie Chaplin in his political satire comedy-drama film “The Great Dictator” (1940).

Why everyone should share this Chaplin movie speech.

Back at the beginning of WWII, Hitler had a way of swaying the masses into following him to a once again great Germany after many disasters that had struck prior. When it was too late people saw Hitler’s true face of terror and unimaginable ideologies.

Some 70+ years later the western world again has to face great worldwide turmoil and terrorist attacks hitting closer to home than ever.

But even in everyday society people lose their hold on love and become monsters to one another. Blacks, gays, women are just three groups that in the modern west alone are not treated equal to inhumane superior standards. And deeper into society drug addiction and suicides are common.

Fear is trying to creep up and the world needs beacons of light to inject hope into the veins of the hopeless and weary. That is why this 1940s movie speech cries out to our 2016 world. It is astonishing how the speech is for today.

The Speech

The movie The Great Dictator (1940) is a political satire on Hitler and his Third Reich. Just like Hitler speaks to german people to rise in power, Chaplin’s contrasts Hitler’s message into a universal one that is very actual this very day.

If you like to know more about the movie, check out the Wikipedia link here: http://sh.st/OQKg9 And if you like to see the YouTube clip go here: http://sh.st/OQKGo Or read the full speech here: http://sh.st/OQLLs


3 thoughts on “A 1940s Movie cries out to a 2016 world…

  1. Thinkdigest says:

    wow i didn’t know The Great Dictator had a movie version. i will take out time to watch it because it’s been long since i read the book version. thanks for sharing Rogue.
    Much love, George

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