Dieting 101, why it never works…

Are you struggling with your weight? Have you tried anything and nothing worked? Then hear me out, because you might find out what went wrong!



“I barely recognized you!” she said. Still processing what she was observing, I realized that magically I had lost that excess weight and she was beholding the person buried years under that layer of fat. What had happened?

I have been struggling for years with being overweight for years. But I lost 55 pounds with the last diet I tried but it is useless to tell which one it is. Why? Because another friend started the same diet and failed.

“Accept or change!”

For the longest time I was depressed over my overweight. My self-esteem was below zero and I didn’t like me for failing all the time either. I could not accept the way I was and I was forcing myself to either accept it, meaning to live with it 24/7/365, or to change it!
I would always focus on the choice of change over the acceptance and surely every attempt started awesome!

But as long as change was slowly coming or rapidly reversing, all this time I was against accepting. The weirdest thing of it all was that I was doing the same thing over and over again trying to get a different outcome, that is insanity, right? I aimed for the next best diet, jumped into it, achieve results, get bored, old habits reemerged, and before long I was back where I started, with a few extra pounds as a gift for my efforts.

After finding out what had set me up for failure time and time again, my results lasted!

Change gets birthed out of acceptance. Meaning that change can only occur naturally and lasting when it comes out of wholeness, complete self-acceptance.

When you start a diet you most of the time enforce yourself into eating a way you are not used to, programs or routines you never did before and after some time you fall out of it.
You are enforcing change unto yourself. But what if this program would fit naturally to you?

Our state of being is the direct result of how you think. What you believe or hold true in your heart, is your reality. For example;

If you think a certain way, a certain way of living fits naturally. If you start to accept who you are now, you can move into changing what isn’t complementing your being. Pure harmony.

But if you think another way, a certain way of living will not last, and you will constantly seek for the next best thing that is going to change you. Division.

So before you start your next diet, do something different. Study your own being, who are you and most importantly what you believe about yourself. It is possible that these inner thoughts and believes manifest in bad eating and eventually into overweight which then enforces your lousy beliefs about yourself.

If you can completely love and accept who you are you can connect to who you are at a deeper level. And who you are at a deeper level, the true you, your higher self, your new creation reality, God within, is what has been wanting to manifest all along. Healthy, happy, succesful and all other great and good things your heart can possibly desire.

So, be nice to you and see how you are perfect and complete no matter how overweight right now. Then, see what complements your being, and discover how healthy eating is something you like naturally, when you think healthy about yourself.


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