5 Steps To Prepare 4 New Friendship

There can be many reasons for it but it still sucks; feeling alone! Whatever the reason here’s what you can to do to turn things around; 5 Steps to prepare for new friendship.

“5 Steps to prepare for new friendship” by Rogue Fish @fishvsflow

1. Like Yourself.

Friendship is a form of love and you can’t give what you can’t receive. You need to be at peace with yourself to be able to open up to others. If you have a hard time liking yourself, check out my post “5 steps to self-love.”

2. Let go of the past.

Maybe you had a fair share in pushing people away or just emerged yourself in work, forgive yourself. Don’t blame yourself any longer, erase it from your consciousness and try again. Nobody’s perfect, that’s why we can love each other.

3. Be Positive.

How you feel and how you look at life is reflecting on the people around you. Nobody likes to be around somebody who can only complain about everyone and everything all the time but never brings in anything to better the circumstances. Cultivate an optimistic attitude towards things; always look on the bright side of life. It is contagious.

4. Accept unconditionally.

Nobody is the same and yet we all need the same unconditional acceptance for who we are. Take people as they come, no matter how much you could improve their lives or persons for their (or even your) benefit. It’s nobody’s job to make people like we are, our differences shows our uniqueness. In other words, you learn a lot more about yourself through people who are different from you than of those like-minded. Show special interest in everything foreign to you.

5. Relax.

You don’t need friends all the time and you don’t need them around all the time. Trust that people who have connected heart to heart with you are not going to abandon you just because they haven’t called like they use to do each sunday. People need other people in their lives but they sure more than anything need themselves.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Check out my other posts on my blog site here. (or copy this link: http://sh.st/O0vCz).

Take care,

Rogue Fish


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