5 Steps To Self-Love

Liking yourself fights loneliness like nothing else. Here are 5 Steps To Self-Love.

“5 Steps to Self-Love” by Rogue Fish @fishvsflow

1. Accept what is right now.

Fighting yourself is opposite of loving yourself and although challenging yourself from time to time can be very productive, you should accept what is right now. The good, the bad and the ugly, it’s part of your life and what ya gonna do it’s here.

2. Stop judging yourself.

You might have screwed up from time to time and maybe you just tend to do sometimes. So what? Never tear yourself down over mistakes or failures, try to learn. Sometimes you need to fail to master something, or to learn how to treat people better, sometimes you fail to get to know yourself better and sometimes to find out you need a different approach or different and sometimes you just fail. But by being negative about it or towards yourself for it, you don’t improve. Take in the pain and let it motivate you to achieve anything.

3. Spend alone time with you.

All people need time to themselves in order to reflect on life. You need time to reflect on you. Do whatever it takes to find some quiet time and discover who you are. Take personality tests, ask people who know you what you are like, and especially find what you like. Anything that makes you smile, laugh, tick, basically anything that makes you feel, pay attention what it show you about you and cherish that. There are so much talents, dreams, ideals, goals and skills packed within your DNA, go discover!

4. Find your destiny.

Nothing will make you like yourself more than feeling satisfied about doing what you love doing most and make the world a better place for others while you’re at it! Find your purpose and run with it.

5. Marry yourself & live life.

Decide to take the vows and commit to them. Learn to stick with yourself to the hard times, when you are at your worst. You will find that you don’t need someone else to complete you. You are a wonderful whole person and when you are married to yourself, you can share your love instead of craving for love in return. Last but not least, take life by the horns and live like there’s no tomorrow.

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Take care,

Rogue Fish



3 thoughts on “5 Steps To Self-Love

  1. Thinkdigest says:

    Well you are so much right. Reading this reminds me of how it was a bit hard for me to just love myself but since I did, the joy and happiness I got was quite immense. I even wrote a post about it here http://www.theseeds4life.com/7-ways-love
    I just got fresh new idea now. Gon do a lil Re-evaluation on the 4th and 5th you just listed above, this month too. You’re the best Rogue.
    Much love, George

    Liked by 1 person

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